HydroSnake Pack of - 1 Pack (2 snakes)


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HydroSnake Pack of 2

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Use HydroSnake when flood prevention and direction of excess water is needed.

The HydroSnake has the ability to absorb up to 20 litres of water or sewage and thereafter hold back further excess.

Before use the HydroSnake weighs less than half a kilo. On contact with the water the super absorbent polymer crystallises and expands to hold up to 40 times its own weight.

HydroSnakes are an essential accessory for plumbers or wherever there is danger of flooding. They will retain their bulk for up to 3 months and are Eco-friendly – to dispose of used Hydrosnakes, simply slit the pads and release the contents into the earth or sewage.

Besides the terrible damage floodwater does to a household, the flood-water itself can be a source of contamination because of sewage and associated bacterial infection. Traditional sandbags become soaked with this bacteria, adding more disposal problems. Hydrosnakes can be pre-soaked with clean water, and when full, the polymer crystalises, creating an effective barrier which neither absorbs or releases flood water. When the foods eventually subside, simply slit the pockets on the Snake, and the contents can be released into the garden, as it doesn’t retain floodwater and is completely harmless to the environment.

Advantages of Hydrosnake

  • Each snake absorbs up to 20 litres of water
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Easy to lift and place
  • Acts as an instant flood barrier
  • Can be used to redirect or channel water
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Each pack contains 2 x Hydrosnakes

Hydrosnakes can be effectively used for:

  • Flood containment and prevention
  • Domestic leaks
  • Sewage problems
  • Large sites


Length 145cm
Width 25cm
Absorption 15-20 Litres
Inflation Time 2-3 minutes
Weight before 0.5kg
Weight After 15-20 Kilos
Handles 2
Outer Fabric Non woven, polypropylene, Hydrophilic finish
Internal Pads Pads x 9 per sack, super absorbent polymer (SAP) Pulp Non toxic, ECO friendly
Flood Water Depth 5cm of water per snake
Flood water Length 140cm per snake

Demo Video

HydroSnake®​ Needs

HydroSnake® is suitable for low-level flooding and the number of units required for 100 linear feet of flood barrier is as follows: 500 units for 1 foot high barrier 1,500 units for 2 foot high barrier 2,700 units for 3 foot high barrier

Instruction for HydroSnake® use

1. Remove a HydroSnake® from the packaging

2. a, For preparation prior to a flood, simply soak the HydroSnake® in water for 2-3 minutes, or alternatively spray a hose over the HydroSnake® until saturated.

2. b, To use for absorbency, place the HydroSnake® in the desired area where there is excess fluid.

3. Once expanded, place the HydroSnake® in the required location to prevent excess water flow

4. The HydroSnake® should be laid in an overlapping pattern like rows of bricks, Each layer should overlap the layer below by half. The HydroSnake® retains sufficient flexibility to follow the contours of any terrain.

5. The HydroSnake® is environmentally friendly, so it can be disposed of by landfill or incineration. Alternatively, the outer fabric can be slit open, and the degradable contents poured into the ground.

Please click here to download the HydroSack® Instruction User Manual

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Tue 14-11-2017


Used these last winter and actually saved water coming in from the garage...incredible product

Tue 02-08-2016


Ordered to prevent flooding within my basement and they've worked really well holding back approximately 5cms depth of water with a single layer 'snake' prior to tanking. Would definitely re-order. Delivered promptly next day.

Thu 28-07-2016

D sharman

I have had 4 orders from this company and their service. Delivery and products excellent 120% I will be ordering from them again in due course in case of more flash floods

Sun 13-03-2016

Fast delivery

Hi got them next day as promised
Save me ! Ta

Sat 30-01-2016


Brilliant for door protection with quite deep water. Recommended

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HydroSnake Pack of - 1 Pack (2 snakes)

HydroSnake Pack of - 1 Pack (2 snakes)

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